Anand, a jobseeker, stays with his friends Ravi and Balaji, in one house. Anand often listens to some unusual sounds like that of a doorbell repeatedly ringing and banging of door in the house. Sound of vessels falling down, water flowing from the tap, someone whispering etc. This creates in him an impression of some paranormal presence.. Interestingly, his room-mates do not hear these sounds. They find Anand blabbering without any sense. Anand also repeatedly witnesses a lady in Burqa appearing before him and suspects she has got something to do with his sister’s murder in the past. Even this lady in burqa turns an illusion many times to him. He hesitates to go to his house, despite his parents’ repeated pleas. Now, why Anand is reacting to even simple normal sounds so abnormally ? Who is the lady in burqa ? What is her connection in Anand’s sister’s murder ? Will he find a solution to the mysteries behind these unusual sounds he hears ? All these comprises the rest of the story.