Louis Minnaar | South Africa | 2018 | 24:42
Afrikaans with English Subtitles

In the near future, an earth couple called Daniel and Eli find themselves in the furthest reaches of our galaxy. A life-threatening crisis onboard their spaceship forces them to confront difficult decisions and to re-evaluate their past and future. When an unexpected detour takes them dangerously close to a giant black hole, time starts to unravel and they start receiving strange cryptic messages on their ship’s navigation system. Eli’s deteriorating health leaves Daniel to steer their voyage alone and in an attempt to save her life, he has to make the toughest decision of his life – dare to enter the black hole in an attempt to buy time with Eli, or free them both from the endless cycle they seem to be trapped in.
In deep deep space, even straight lines are circles and the universe a merry-go-round. Siklus is a film art story of love and time and space… and everything in between.

Neels van Jaarsveld
Reine Swart
Laudo Liebenberg

Beer Adriaanse

Lindsay Barnard