Small Town Remedies


R.W. Perkins | United States | 01:35:55 | 2020

Small Town Remedies is a dramatic comedy about siblings, Lita and Evan, who are forced to put their troubled personal lives on hold to help their alcoholic mother through a relapse. Eventually, Lita and Evan are compelled to deal with their own possible addictions, as this emotional tale of a family coming to grips with their substance abuse issues will leave you laughing and crying, often at the same time.

Andrea Dratch
Ty Sells
Sally Knudsen
R.J. Wagner
Marc Brown
Brittany Noel Wright
Art Razo
Erica Boston West
Jeff MaGee
Jordyn Wagner
Keehnan Anderson

R.W. Perkins

R.W. Perkins
Andy Carrasco
Andrea Dratch