Mehmet Tığlı | Germany | 2019 | 19:57
Turkish with English Subtitles

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Spizella is a word with Latin and Greek origin and it means ‘sparrow’. Spizella is the story of a father and his daughter with troubled family relationships, which have become even more troubled after the death of the mother. The father keeps forcing his daughter to keep the mourning attitude alive and ongoing within the house and he tries to keep his communication with her very limited. This gloomy house is no different than a cage for this timid girl. The strong revival of her childhood memories and dreams by means of a souvenir suitcase left from her mother can bring the girl a glimpse of happiness.

Nurcan Şirin
Yavuz Fırıldak
Arzu Suriçi

Mehmet Tığlı

Ozan Takmaz