Joe Servidio | United States | 2016 | 1:10:39

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From a 0-dollar budget and 19-year-old mind, STEEP is a creative nonfiction dramedy remembering the awkward conversations, dream obsessions and uncomfortable feelings I had to navigate alone before pulling the trigger and committing to my queer life in this straight world. It’s also my first feature film.

Arguing parents, nosy friends, insightful strangers and compassionate teachers — my angsty high school years were similar to most. Except for the fact that I was not who everyone else wanted me to be. STEEP remembers one day of my life — one very specific, important day — when I skipped school, got caught shoplifting, was asked to prom, manscaped my best friend and then realized being gay may change a lot to me but it doesn’t change the world I live in.

I would like to thank F. Scott Fitzgerald for his debut novel “This Side of Paradise,” Lena Dunham for her first feature film “Creative Nonfiction,” and Sofia Coppola for her first short film “Lick the Star.” Without these artists and films, neither STEEP nor I would be alive today.

Joe Servidio
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Joe Servidio

Joe Servidio