Mahmoud Shoolizadeh | United Kingdom | 2018 | 1:47:00

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SUSAN is a story of love and war, a full length feature social drama revolving around a loving wife and mother name Susan. The film is set in London, England, where the family live.

Susan is struggling with the daily reality of losing her husband Paul, who was fighting in Afghanistan. Despite her suffering, she tries to stay strong for her young daughter, Lisa. This love strengthens her and keeps her hope alive, in spite of the emotional pain of their new situation.

Over the course of the film, further traumatic events push Susan deeper into despair, although she fights hard to stay strong and keep the love for her family alive. While she is alone one unexpected moment happens and this is just the beginning!

Susan’s lonely journey takes another unexpected turn, pushing her to fight hard to save herself and those she loves.

Jennifer Preston
Mitchell Thornton
Ville Loikkanen
Holly Lawton
Hannah Templeton-Cox
Christopher Mulvin
Stephen Clark
Amanda Davidge
Brandon McConnell
Jennifer Roach

Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

Mahmoud Shoolizadeh