Szamota’s Mistress


Adam Uryniak | Poland | 2017 | 45:00
Polish with English Subtitles

Jozef Szamota, a lawyer from a big city, came to an old, abandoned mansion called ‘Roseville’. He has to estimate the value of the eery manor.

‘Roseville’ is guarded by Teofil – servant of late Earl of Roseville. The old man is wary of lawyer and doesn’t like the idea of his staying in ‘Roseville’. Szamota spends in mansion couple days. He finds belonging of former inhabitants of the palace and discovers secrets from their life. He is fascinated by the picture of a young lady which hangs in the library.

The creepy atmosphere of ‘Roseville’ have an influence on Szamota’s mood. He starts to have hallucinations and hear voices. One day he meets a beautiful lady from the picture. They spend together a passionate night. But in the morning Szamota wakes up alone. He decides to reveal the secret of the mysterious woman.

Adam Uryniak