Taking the City By Storm: The Birth of the Milwaukee Punk Scene


Director: Doug LaValliere | United States | 01:49:51 | 2023

“Taking the City By Storm: The Birth of Milwaukee’s Punk Scene”, is a
documentary focusing on the progression of Milwaukee’s Protopunk, Punk,
New Wave and Alternative Music scene from 1975 to 1985. It is a “slice
of life” documentary following the ups and downs of the early pioneers
of the scene during those exciting & turbulent years. A deep-rooted
Midwestern blue collar work ethic influenced club owners and musicians,
which led to the prolific production of DIY 45’s and LP’s. To this day,
these recordings remain highly sought after by record collectors around
the country and the world.

Doug LaValliere
Judy Simonds
Clancy Carroll

Judy Simonds
Clancy Carroll


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