That Ginger Tea


Yash (age: 35) his mother has succumbed to cancer and has expired the previous night – two of his friends (Vicky & Sameer) have come to console him… but they are shocked to see Yash’s behavior… he is behaving as if nothing serious has happened, and in fact he is joking and seems to enjoy himself – Vicky and Sameer feel that Yash is supressing his emotions and it might detrimental to his health – Yash argues that his mother was terminally ill and in a way he was prepared for the inevitable, Vicky is convinced and is immediately infected by Yash’s jovial mood but Sameer still feels he needs to cry and release all the sorrow

Yash never felt very close to his mother (in fact he even holds his mother responsible for the break-up with his girlfriend- Sunita) – Yash further argues that why is it necessary to cry…as life and death is a natural process – Sameer obviously doesn’t agree and Vicky is tired of Sameer’s insistence – all of a sudden Yash decides to drink Rum – Sameer is shocked – Yash and Vicky start drinking and merry making in front of Yash’s late mother’s garlanded picture – Yash tries to change the topic but Sameer doesn’t listen – at one point Yash leaves the house in a huff – Sameer’s objection to lack of mourning on his mother’s loss has stirred a whirlpool of unanswered questions in his mind, why is he not feeling any sorrow? Was he really so indifferent towards his mother? Was his anger, triggered by his break-up with Sunita more intense compared to his bonding with mother?

By that time even Sameer has given up on Yash and has started drinking – all three enjoy and what might have been a gathering for condolence turns in to a typical bachelor’s party…. In their abbreviated state Yash even lights his cigarette from the diya (traditional Indian lamp) that is kept in front of his mother’s photo… finally sloshed, all fall asleep

In the morning Yash wakes up and says “maa, chaai dena… (Mom, Tea…)” And…..