tHE aGe oF aNXieTy


Stephen Donovan, Mark Dendy | United States | 00:39:52 | 2022
No Dialogue

Mister C fantasizes about life beyond his pandemic prison – a 6th floor New York walk up – while his faithful companion ‘Depression’, dreams of a different type of exit.

“tHe aGe oF aNXieTy,” responds to the anguish and insanity of the past year. The 40-minute work features a cast of 16 dancing exuberantly among New York City landmarks and follows the character Monsieur le Clown as he dreams of post-pandemic and post-Trump freedom. The film vividly depicts personal and collective despair but finds pockets of optimism as it celebrates the spirit and tenacity of the city and its inhabitants.

Keith LaPan
Garnet Henderson
Kayla Farrish
Todd Anderson
Maurice Ivy Dowell

Stephen Donovan

Stephen Donovan
Mark Dendy
Keith LaPan
Louise Tugwell