The Book of Laughter and Forgetting


A beautiful woman called Qi Lin endures great hardship to raise an abandoned boy Xiaogang and creates a beautiful fairytale for him. She tells the boy that before his father died, he has invested in a big project with her. Unexpectedly, Xiaogang’s birth mother suddenly returns and asks for money. She claims that Lin’s house is the proof that Lin has misappropriated the investment. Lin’s past is then discovered, that she used to work in a KTV. Xiaogang’s father Shan Zhou is a very close childhood friend of Lin. With the help of a police officer named Yunfan Li, she wins the case eventually. At the same time, the case Officer Li investigated has entered a critical moment. In order to express her gratitude, Lin agrees to help him as an informant to approach the drug dealer Li wants to arrest. However, Lin discovers that the drug dealer’s real identity is the only person who cared about her. The story alternates between reality and memory. Between the cases, a love story of another era unfolds.