The Chief


Aundra Michael Segrest | United States | 00:20:51 | 2022

The Chief in Nash Valley has been characterized as a spiritual man, but firm when it comes to fighting crime and being respectable, to all persons regardless of race, creed, color, origin, nationality or sex. He conducts and carry himself in a very professional manner. He is married with no children. The chief (Spencer James Johnson) is a bright young man with inspirations to make a difference in law enforcement practices and the community. His life’s track and career ladder were no easy journey. Early on during the chief’s life, he was engaged to Melody Cooper. Melody got on drugs and ran off to Orange County. She was pregnant with his child, which he had no knowledge of. Melody later died, but she wrote the Chief a letter letting him know he had a daughter. He eventually started a new life and got married. Despite his turbulent journey through life, the chief never lost sight of trying to make a difference in the community.

Carolyn Kent
Benjamin Green
Lonnie Coleman
Tara Hickey
Dominique Savage
Grant III Parham
Fita Gray

Aundra Michael Segrest

Aundra Michael Segrest