The Cost of Denial


Huw Christi | United States | 01:22:00 | 2021

From 1981 to 2021, the world has confronted a
terrible scourge that has impacted countless
individuals with fear, pain and death.
Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent
on our war against AIDS. The medical industry has focused on antiretroviral drugs to combat the
HIV virus. All efforts to develop a vaccine have failed.

This is the story of the earliest successful treatment
for AIDS. If the mainstream scientific community
had paid attention, tens of thousands of lives may have been saved.
Ignored and forgotten during the AIDS crisis this is
the heroic struggle by a small group of physicians,
nurses and healthcare professionals who succeeded
in treating 1,200 patients with advanced AIDS.
Eighteen of these patients reversed all of their AIDS-related
conditions, regained full health and converted to HIV negative.
In other words, the HIV virus was no longer present
in their bodies.

These are the voices revealing
the pain, profit and politics of AIDS.

Celia Farber
Kerry Mullis, Ph.D.

Society for Independent Journalism