The End of Days


James McIlroy | Ireland | 2017 | 35:07

Mankind is on the verge of defeat and this is the Time of the Cyborgs. But the Cyborgs have grown arrogant, they are trying to play at being God and creating their own life-form. It is at this time, when the Future of Worlds hang in the balance, that Michael appears. Now all that stands between Mankind’s ultimate survival or annihilation is a boy called Jamie and an angel – an archangel. ‘THE END OF DAYS’ is a CGI Sci-fi animation featuring top Voice Artists from the USA, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. ‘THE END OF DAYS’ has a thrilling soundtrack of original rock music as written and performed by The Black Death Band.

Norman Gilligan
Bryan Keith Burton
James O’Donoghue
Alexander James Gilbert
Patrick Cormack
Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick Cormack