The Escort


Bizhan Tong | United Kingdom | 2018 | 1:08:38

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When Eric pays an escort, Veronica, for 60 minutes of her time he intends to use this opportunity to convince her to quit this line of work. But Veronica is no damsel in distress and what ensues is a verbal battle of wits as sparks fly and the pair attempt to win their argument all the while peeling away the layers of who they really are. What they find out about themselves and the secret Eric holds will ensure nothing remains the same again. Told in real-time and based on conversations held with current and former sex workers ‘The Escort’ gives a voice to those in that profession by examining the state of relationships today, the skewed power dynamics between men and women, and the intimacy which is lost in the social media age.

Kevin Leslie
Olivia Moyles

Bizhan Tong

Bizhan Tong