The Last Great American Web Series (Select Episodes 2-4)


Morgan Gould, Nate Trinrud | United States | 2018 | 30:00

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Thanks to Morgan Gould & Friends, the web series genre is back! This new American satirical comedy features sex, murder, recycling, and heartbreak in a small seaside town— all the while taking you on a nostalgic, genre-bending journey through the tv shows you know and are embarrassed to love. Featuring downtown theater stars who also do TV sometimes, Lucy DeVito (Hulu’s DEADBEAT), Tommy Heleringer (Vimeo’s THE OUTS), Becca Blackwell (Showtime’s SHAMELESS), Ronald Peet (HBO’s GIRLS), and a bunch of other people, some of whom have Ivy league educations but who were still able to be convinced this would be good for their “reel.” Dial-up, log on, and strap in/ on with this cult classic you never knew you needed.

Lucy Devito
Becca Blackwell
Ronald Peet
Tommy Heleringer
Amir Wachterman
Anna O’Donoghue
Amy Staats
Greg Balla
Zack Segel
Tom Pecinka

Morgan Gould

Batya Brykman
Satomi Blair
Morgan Gould