The Last Picture


WJ Egmond, Franz Schepers | Germany | 2015 | 30 m

“Imagine going over the same routine again and again on every day of the full moon. Doing this for more than 30 years that routine becomes all you live for. Over time it is shaped and perfected that it can be executed without a flaw, almost like a brilliant piano concert. But not this time…” Mr. Gant, an old concert pianist comes to town ones a month and goes trough his apparently peculiar routine. Every time ending up at a certain spot in town. There he takes just one Polaroid picture at an exact angle, at an exact time, trying to capture Alice…ones more. Simon, 11 years old, on his first day in town meets Eddy, one year older. He takes Simon on a trip to show him his secret, not knowing about the life-chancing events that would happen that day… “The last picture tells a moving story about long lost loves and finding new friends for life. Friendships brought together by unexpected help from the past…”