The Life of Marie


Rolf Kasteleiner | Germany | 2016 | 21:00

German, Polish with English Subtitles

The life of the maid Marie is dedicated to the countess Anne von Borke. While reading a letter for her, Marie unwittingly becomes involved in the end of a love affair between the countess and the bourgeois Mr. Stein. Instead of expressing her emotions, her mistress asks Marie to accompany her to a salon concert dressed in an aristocrat robe from her. Marie decides to redeem her mistress’ honor and recover her first love letter she has sent to Mr. Stein. She has a hard time surviving the night in the upper- class, whose main interest is self- portrayal. She does not feel comfortable in her clothes, which is why everyone can see the maid in her. It is only Mr. Stein who is demanding civic rights for her – but his quotations from the German master poets Goethe and Kleist are finally just empty shells. When Marie finds out that the countess has been telling salon guests that Marie herself seduced the count, it is hard for her to keep the belief in her mistress alive. In the meantime an opera singer is singing about the revenge of a deceived woman.

Jaqueline Pawliczek
Silvina Buchbauer
Merlin Leonhardt
Monika Oschek
Amelie Kiefer
Maria Dabrowska

Rolf Kasteleiner
Monika Tomczyk (Co-Producer)
Stella Schüssler (Co-Producer)