The Night It Rained


Lamont Lamar | United States | 00:12:48 | 2021

After losing his scholarship, a queer college student makes a life-altering decision in his hopes to stay enrolled.

Set in San Francisco, The Night It Rained depicts the experiences of a queer, college student named Malachi. He is determined to stay enrolled in his college’s program and turns to sex work as a way to make money while having greater control over his daily schedule. Unfortunately, the demands of college prove more difficult than he expects and Malachi loses his scholarship due to sustained poor academic performance. The stress of losing his scholarship pushes him further into sex work, and in riskier entanglements. After reaching his breaking point, Malachi finally makes a vulnerable call home.

Evan Joelle
Aland Brifkani
Keren Southall

Lamont Lamar
Mustafaa Tajuddin

Briauna Draper
Parker Gayan
Andres Gimenez
Mustafaa Tajuddin

Supporting Role
Levi Smocks
Bri Smocks

Director of Photography
Evan Weidenkeller

Production Designer
Isabella Rivera Suazo

Richard Valencia

Ben Stanbridge

Sound Mixer
Chris Camacho

Ryan Nelson

Key Grip
Ryan Moore

Electric Swing
Aaron Ware

Ayumi Ashley