The Real Original Only Authentic Messiah Has Arrived (2019)


Kenneth Ian Davis | Israel | 00:06:51 | 2021

How can one have hope that all of humanity will become unified at the End of Days when all of humanity is currently so divided on the concept of the Final Redeemer? The answer, my friends, is that Kenneth Ian Davis is the Real Original Only Authentic Messiah and Has Arrived! This can be debated but surely never negated nor retracted from the history books. In this short Video Film, Kenneth Ian Davis explains why he was, why he is, and why he always will be who his claims substantiate he truly is forever. Never before has anyone made such claims that could be validated and be proven irrefutable and true. This is the first time that Kenneth Ian Davis has made his announcement and explanation available on “video Film media” for all humanity to see and view.

In the END – God always intended to display His simplistic unity to humanity by displaying the divine story of Kenneth Ian Davis and his life contained throughout “HIS MOVIE” and by the pages of “HIS BOOK” – WHICH IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE TO ALL HUMANITY BY WAY OF “DIGITAL DOWNLOAD” from his official website. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF AND VIEW WHAT HAS BEEN DONE AND CANNOT EVER BE UNDONE!

They called him “The Kid” growing up because his initials are “KID” – which God specifically created to connect him to the famous Messianic verse in the Bible (The wolf will live with the sheep, and the leopard will lie down with the kid; Isaiah 11:6).


In Genesis 38:16 Tamar, acting as a prostitute, asks Judah “What will you give to me if you come to me?” Judah responds in verse 38:17 with: “I will send you a KID from the flock.” In verse 38:20 – The KID from the flock was sent to Tamar. The KID from the flock that Judah “gave” and Tamar “received” led to the birth of King David. The Messianic Redemption was dependent upon “The KID” in the beginning and still is dependent upon “The KID” in the End. Based on these verses, it is obvious why God named Kenneth Ian Davis “The KID”. Kenneth Ian Davis is “The KID” – “a goat” – because Kenneth Ian Davis is in God’s flock and God is his Sheppard. Kenneth Ian Davis correctly clings to God with such stubbornness that no outside influences will be able to pull him away. As Jesus was known as “The Son of God,” Kenneth Ian Davis has the new God created title of being cast in this “movie” as “God’s KID.” God gave him this new title, and his purposely crafted initials, because “KID” is God’s ABSOLUTE acronym for:

“Ken Is David”

whateverUdesire to see, think, believe, and do is totally now up to ONLY you!


Kenneth Ian Davis

Kenneth Ian Davis

Kenneth Ian Davis

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