The Silent Revolution


Giulia Viero | Italy | 00:25:00 | 2021
Italian, Spanish

Loosely based on the article by Daniel Lumera; writer, lecturer, researcher, university professor and international reference point in the field of meditation (article included in the “World Report on Higher Education” of GUNI, UNESCO’s Global University Network for Innovation). The movie tells, through the experience of three young researchers, Manuela, Julia and Marc, the possibility of understanding the concept of Revolution, no longer as a reaction to a state of wrong situations, but as a proactive expression of a new internal consciousness.
Set in an old mountain farmhouse, of which we don’t know the exact geographic location; in a game of sounds and silences, memories and awareness of the present, closed and open eyes, which alternate external and internal environments and spaces, the three protagonists, sincerely question themselves about the meaning of life, guided by the presence of a meditation teacher. Together, they embark on a journey towards a more authentic self-realization, towards a deeper understanding and responsibility in the awareness of the interdependence between their inner world and external reality.

Daniel Lumera
Manuela Zavan
Julia Salat
Marc Olomì

Giulia Viero

Giulia Viero