The Spy Who Knew Me


When E.C.H.O. (Evil Clandestine Hive Organization) begins recruiting agents, the spies of the all-female agency U.N.I.T.E. must discover the connection between a diamond heist, an oil tycoon, and a top-secret military experiment before they lose themselves completely.

The real world presents untold challenges for individuals with disabilities. So often when we see individuals with Down syndrome or disabilities on screen, the focus is on them somehow needing to “overcome” their disability, or succeeding despite their disability. They are defined by their disability, and you miss the person underneath and what their hopes, dreams, and goals might be. This film is not like that. Through the magic of filmmaking, we have built a world where they can succeed at whatever they wish. Whether it’s something simple like having a job or a meaningful relationship, or something major like driving a car or flying a jetpack. Yes, our ensemble all happen to have Down syndrome, but THE SPY WHO KNEW ME is not about Down syndrome. It’s about people. And people with Down syndrome are more than just one thing. My hope is this movie will encourage people to change how they see individuals with Down syndrome, and to recognize and celebrate the differences in all of us.