The Storm


Benjamin Crane | United States | 2018 | 9:00

When Cameron Morris returns to his hometown to search for his mother following the aftermath of a deadly storm, he struggles to reconnect with his Aunt Evelyn, and his brother Ethan in light of a family estrangement. When they are brought back together, tension builds up between them and Ethan questions his motives in returning home. The stakes rise after they find their mother deceased in the woods, and Ethan keeps her last will and testament out of Cameron’s hands. As another storm front approaches, Cameron confronts Ethan about the will and is overcome with rage and strangles his brother inside the storm shelter. After the storm passes, Cameron is overcome with grief and regret when he realizes the gravity of his blind anger.

David Bianco
Chris Holder
Tamara Peachy

Benjamin Crane

Abbey Frisco