The Terrible Old Woman


Troy Wayne Fortenberry | United States | 00:19:08 | 2022

In this modern adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic story, The Terrible Old Man, a trio of would-be burglars target an ancient reclusive lady at her run down house on the outskirts of town, drawn in by rumor of her hoarded wealth. Predator becomes prey as the burglars discover that there is more to this old woman than they bargained for. Coming full circle, it was all a set up – a ploy to offer up souls for the terrible old woman’s amusement.

Angel Ramirez
Timothy McKinney
Kacey Samiee
Kate Ann Fortenberry
Justin Whitney
Rebecca Thompson

John Wayne Ho-Gland
Mark Farias

Troy Wayne Fortenberry
Kate Ann Fortenberry
Jacob Alexander Berardi

Jacob Alexander Berardi

Production Designer
Joe Averagi

Kate Ann Fortenberry

Set Decorators
John Wayne Ho-Gland
Hunter Ho-Gland

Hair & Makeup
Anastasiia Basiuk

Music By
Wolfgang Bas

Re-Recording Mixer
Rowena Cluck

Script Supervisor
Karey Green

Sound Mixer
Hailey Clement

Boom Operator
Madi Garcia