The Ultimate No-Show


Laura Workman | United States | 2016 | 1 h 13 m

This film was conceived and born from much pain and personal growth. It is here to be used as a tool to educate others of the horrific experience of my involvement with a con man. It is my personal opinion that situations like this occur much more frequently than the general public would guess. The aftermath of such an involvement is humiliation, shame, guilt, disbelief and a shakedown of your inner world down to your very core. You are broken and forever changed. I would imagine that most victims build a wall to hide behind. I am not that victim. I have decided to not let this define me or ruin my life. In order for deception to dissipate and healing to occur, I had to shine the light of truth into my inner darkness. It wasn’t easy. At times I begged God to take me home. As I look in the mirror today, I am in awe of the woman looking back at me. I survived the worst ordeal of my life and came out on the other side so much better than I have ever been.

A major thing that I wanted to accomplish in telling my story is doing it in such a way that when the film is over, the viewer would be able to identify with and understand how such a thing can happen. Being conned doesn’t mean the victim is stupid. There are 1,000 reasons why it happens. Stupidity isn’t one of them. It is my prayer that my story touches you.

Laura Workman


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