The Voice of The Kora


Claudine Pommier | Canada | 2016 | 45:00

English, French with English Subtitles

The kora is a harp-lute originating in West Africa. Traditionally it is played by the “Griots”, who have been for centuries, from father to son, storytellers, diplomats, advisers, keepers of memories, poets. The Griot talks and sings while playing a very elaborate music that gets enriched from generation to generation. The kora is an instrument with a deep and delicate sound. It is made of a half-calabash covered with cow skin, a long hardwood neck, and 21 strings made of guts or baobab fibers, fastened to the neck by rings made of cow skin. “The Voice of the Kora” retraces the history and evolution of the instrument, and looks at the interaction of African music with Occidental music. The collaborations between musicians of diverse origins are more and more frequent, and often the kora drifts away from the “traditional” to become part of the “world music” scene


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