The Year I Did Acid


Chandra Siddan | Canada | 2015 | 24 m 25


Three sisters, Caddy (16), Sarah (14) and Charlie (12), live with their white protestant lower middle class parents in Scarborough (Canada) of the early 70s. Isolated in their suburban prison, the sisters tear at its fabric, each in her own way. While the oldest, ‘a diesel femme’, recruits her sisters into the art of servicing men, the youngest likes to play with Nigel (14) a possibly epileptic boy. Sarah, the middle one, sits on the cusp of her older and younger sisters’ worlds. Confusion about her role as a girl, her profound discomfort with sex and the apparent necessity of suffering for it leads Sarah to Jesus. And nobody, certainly not Caddy, is impressed when Sarah slits her wrists. And then, on an inevitable day, there was acid. Will Sarah find a Time loop back to the road not taken?

Film Unavailable For Viewing Per Filmmaker’s Request. Thank you.