Till Death


Tomori Tsubasa | United States | 2016 | 55 m

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Amy (Camilla Ståhl), a bitchy former beauty queen, wakes up next to her own unconscious body in the hospital. Death (Cynthia Cheston) comes to her and explains that she had been pushed and temporarily died, but was revived. Amy must now decide to return fully to life and face possible brain damage or choose to die. To help her understand who she really is, Death joins her in reliving her last day.

After seeing who she really is, what will Amy decide to do? And there also is the nagging question of who tried to kill her…

Was it her angry ex-boyfriend Yosuke (Kintaro Aoyama)? Or was it her fed-up cousin Jo (Maria Papadopoulou )? Could it have been the hot-headed bartender Andy (Kyle Card)? Perhaps it was the prone to hysterics singer Rain (Christopher McCombs).

Tokyo Cowboys presents “’Till Death,” a musical mystery featuring classic songs from different eras and different places around the world remade and re-imaged to appeal to a whole new audience.

Camilla Stahl
Cynthia Cheston
Maria Papadopoulou
Kintaro Aoyama
Christopher McCombs
Kyle Card


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