Traces of Memory


Jody Jaress | United States | 2014 | 14:17

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PHOEBE, middle-aged, bawdy, crass, and defensive, hitching rides from anyone going anywhere, is now stranded on a desert highway in the pounding sun. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, she encounters RUTH, a cunning intruder whose very presence threatens Phoebe’s existence and sense of freedom. This pristinely dressed woman, sweetly and with great joy, claims to have just killed her family. In disbelief, Phoebe threatens, ‘You’re just a friggin’ looney!’ The intruder begins badgering our heroine with questions relentless in her persistence to get, what she feels are the accurate answers. These questions are stirring up disjointed and frightening images that begin tormenting Phoebe. In her desperation to rid herself of the visions and this frightening intruder, she lashes out by lunging towards Ruth with a knife, ‘I don’t want your help! Go away! Leave me alone!’ Ruth screams out an ultimatum to Phoebe and she’ll go away, ‘I shared, now it’s your turn.’

As suddenly as this intruder arrived, she’s gone as Phoebe notices a car approaching, flags it down, and with great relief jumps in the back seat just in time before the car continues down the road. Attempting a conversation, the friendly driver becomes instantly alarmed when in the rearview mirror, she notices the frightened, panic stricken look in Phoebe’s eyes.
It’s lunchtime, and Phoebe sits very still on this lush patio, her eyes not looking frightened anymore but evil, knowing that she possesses a deep seeded secret that is about to materialize.

Maray Ayres
Saratoga Ballantine

Screen adaptation by Jody Jaress

Maray Ayres – Executive Producer/Producer
Hal Alpert – Producer
Jody Jaress – Producer
Robert Amico – Co-Producer
Rick Honstrator – Executive Producer