Twirl De Lux


Erin M McCuskey | Australia | 2017 | 5:00

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When women dance it is a revolutionary act. She thinks of herself, of her body, as she twirls. She puts herself first.
When my mother died I couldn’t breathe. I spent days digging through film and photos to curate a moving-image adoration for her Irish wake. I watched her life rush back and forth beneath my fingertips.
Tears blurred detail allowing a panorama that revealed she had stopped dancing. We struggle to put ourselves first. We don’t feel safe. She had meant for her daughters to keep dancing.
The world needs saving. We are pushed to bend convention yet frowned on when we do. Freedom is fragile. Our bodies are the front line. Our daughters are watching.

Erin M McCuskey

Erin M McCuskey
Yum Studio