Sebastian Heynig Pepper | Argentina | 2015 | 1 h 6 m

Ukrainian with English Subtitles

Ukrania is a story of loneliness, madness, love and death. Taras, an Ukrainian immigrant is alone on a trip without a defined direction. He walks by moorland and rocky hills in a constant inner search, tormented by his past and lost in his present. He writes letters to his mother as a salvation where he tells her about his misfortunes, longings and disappointments. Vasil, brother of Taras, takes care of her, who is prostrated and unaware of her surroundings. Vasil receives and reads the letters sent to the mother. Letters she cannot read. Taras situation deteriorates leading to a chaotic situation. The wild and crudeness of the natural environment, the thirst, fatigue and hunger, the solitude, all is diminishing his ability to survive. His more and more fragile and confusing emotional state finally leads to delirium, falling down, exhausted, giving himself up to die. While Taras is lying on the ground, unconscious, he is found by a woman who takes him to her house. She is an elderly woman who lives alone and isolated in a humble cottage of stone. With her care and attention he recovers. His senses and consciousness begin to wake up, but still under the shadow of his torments. His intentions are not clear. His desires and instincts lead him to approach her and find her as a woman.

Claudio Giovannoni
Patricia Pilgrim
Blanca Rosa Alvarez
Igor Omanet


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