Una Fiesta en Liberia


José Pablo Castillo Valverde | Costa Rica | 2017 | 1:38:00
Spanish with English Subtitles

Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica: a city founded as a political and administrative center for a region historically dominated by extensive livestock ranches. The Spanish conquerors described this territory as “Mahomet’s paradise”, due to its natural beauty. Here, more than 300 years ago, the bull riding and the Bulls Parade traditions began to rise. Now the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica has declared this tradition as a cultural heritage. From that time, until now, the best bulls were brought to the town from the ranches and gathered near Liberia River. Then, from that place, they passed in front of houses made out of mud and through the whitish stone streets of Liberia, always sheltered by the best sabaneros. The animals ended their trip in the bullring. In this wooden rustic construction, the gallant sabaneros showed their bull riding skills. That custom left different cultural legacies and traditions that today still are in constant evolution as an essential slice of life for the inhabitants of the mythical and so-called “White City” from the northwest of Costa Rica.