Under the weight of remorse


Lília Moema Santana | Brazil | 01:49:44 | 2020

Four women, Adelaide, Gloria, Isabel Cristina and Maria Eduarda, are in the reception room of a hospital. Even without knowing each other and taking advantage of this waiting time to be attended, they recount their lives until arriving at that hospital trying to understand what led them there. After several coincidences in their stories, they discover that their lives are linked to the same person, a man named Carlos Cesar. This unusual encounter involves drama, suspense and humor leading the viewer to the same sensations and feelings that the characters experience until culminating in a great discovery.

Debora Ingrid
Lana Soraya
Germana Guilhermme
Ângela Escudeiro

Cariline Secundino Treigher

Allan Deberton