Unhired Guns


Matt Florio | United States | 00:26:03 | 2023
English, Russian, Spanish

Most people travel to Miami for business or pleasure. Unfortunately, for brothers Rudy and Miles Gallo, it is neither. They have traveled to sunny South Florida to honor their recently deceased father’s wish: to have his ashes spread in the Atlantic Ocean. As morbid and uneventful as this weekend sounds, all that changes when Rudy and Miles unknowingly get in the wrong rideshare vehicle at the airport; a car that instead of taking them to their Aunt Shirley’s house, takes them to the home of largest drug kingpin in Miami, Mr. Cruz. As if that was the worst of it, Mr. Cruz is under the impression that Rudy and Miles are the infamous contract killers he recently hired, better known as the Black Russians. Rudy and Miles know that the only way to keep their father’s wish alive is to stay alive themselves. However, that is going to be easier said than done.

John Manzelli
Matt Florio
Edgardo Ochoa
Ole Goode
L.A. Hardy
Angelica Castro
Tracie Turner Jackson
Phyllis Brown
Mitch Lemos
Ricardo Kleinbaum
Ken Smedberg

Matt Florio

Matt Florio
Mark Demeter
Pierre Joseph

Pierre Joseph

Mark Demeter

Walter Schick