UPMA- Tasty Emotional Unfiltered


Saurabh Jain Samta | India | 00:08:48 | 2020

A Hindi short film dedicated to all Motherly Father’s is about a small family in which a father and two son live. Both son are now young, elder son sonu helps his father to manage their home business and minny younger son enjoy his life with its friends and one day he sees his father sitting in cafe with some woman and seeing this he gets angry and on next morning both son discuss with father and elder son sonu tell his father that we live in a society and then father shares his actual feelings with them

Dr.(Er) Azad Jain
Rohit Mehta
Gaurav SIngh Rajawat
Kavita Patil

Suveer Bhambhani
Rohit Mehta
Sakshi Jain

Red Dot Cine

Executive Producer
Dr.(Er) Azad Jain

Director of Photography
Gopal Tanwar