Victor Picena | United States | 2017 | 17:36


Vengeance is a film about a brother and sister in the Old West struggling to deal with the recent murder of their father at the hands of a gang of ruthless outlaws, known simply as The Gang of Five.

Having depleted their last monies on supplies, James and his sister Estrella decide to join the US Marshals office, both to earn some money and, ultimately, to avenge the death of their father. James wants to bring those responsible to justice. Estrella wants vengeance, pure and simple. All the while, their new boss – US Marshal Salvatore – works to teach them how to stay alive while also teaching them what the law can and can’t do. But when Salvatore, a dedicated US official, allows himself to be drawn into an ego-fueled gun battle with the leader of The Gang of Five, all his principles are called into question, and James and Estrella must each make the decision for themselves.

Danny Pardo
Raquel Garrido

Victor Picena

Victor Picena