We Sock – The movie


Petri Puroaho | Finland | 01:14:52 | 2022

Communication is so wonderful nowadays. You can be on the other side of the world and still feel like you are next to each other. Meet Mr & Mrs Sock. They are in love. And they are having their usual Skype-session online. Normal boring stuff that is predictable but most definitely lots of fun. But life had other plans for them. Mysterious force yanked the Sock`s through time & space into the far side of the galaxy, ending up in a strange land of the lost. From where they needed to escape. Luckily they had magical time-jump device called Tachyan amplifier. The Sock`s are trying to get back to earth, then back home, and finally to enjoy their long over-due vacation-time, but weird things start to happen, like the mysterious mirror-effect. And problems just keep on getting stranger. They need help but there is only one thing in the universe that can help them. But things never go according to plan with the Sock`s and they face lots of surprises. They even reveal some secrets accidentally along the way to make way for the final culmination of their adventurous moment together in time, which hopefully will give people laughter, excitement, something to learn from and hope to everyone in the world. The film deals with serious issues, through a comedic point of view.

Petri Puroaho
Peichi Su

Petri Puroaho

Petri Puroaho