Puppett | United States | 2015 | 11 m

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Inspired by true stories, three women work their way out of a divorce triangle they never signed up for.

Back in the dark ages before SCOTUS decreed marriage equality for all across the land… Sydney and Cameron are a happily engaged couple looking forward to their big day. There’s one obstacle… Sydney is still married to Lisa and as their home state won’t recognize their marriage, a divorce is impossible!

Follow Sydney and Cameron on a hilarious journey through this not-so-fictional fable to find out the answer to the question…Are You Married Enough (To Get Divorced)?

Whitney Mixter
Shelli Boone
Sally Kirkland
Rocco Kayiatos
Noelle Messier
Dilan Patton
Guinevere Turner
Drew Droege
Christine Moore
Ally Iseman
Danny Dolan


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