Steve Cadwell | United States | 2017 | 1:13:00


“What has it been like to be part of social change for the better in the first out generation of gay men–from oppressed silence to Freedom to Marry? How did we get here? How do we stay here?

This musical, magical realist docu-drama, filMemoir presents one man’s narrative of 60 years of gay liberation: from sissy boy on the family farm in Vermont, to tender teen discovering sexuality, to the trauma of the closet, to bursting out and proud on the wings of Stonewall, to the crushing tragedy of AIDS, to finding power and hope in activism, love, parenting, and our freedom to marry”¦or not.

The drama unfolds across cycles of seasons. The power of place runs through home movies, his own hand-held films (shot at age 20), recent lyrical images of the farm, and his music at the grand piano under chandeliers in the barn.

Recent civil rights and social gains are fragile and under threat in these destabilized times. Telling our stories consolidates gains, affirms political power, and leads to more change for the better.

Despite gains made by the LGBTQ community, internalized homophobia festers inflicting scarring hardship exacerbated by centuries of prejudice. This personal story stands in for many stories affirming resilience and recovery from trauma, harnessing the emotional power of images, narrative, poetry, music, and song to affirm and inspire more hope and activism.”

Steve Cadwell

Steve Cadwell

Steve Cadwell


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