Winter in My Heart


Yang Xiaoyong who works in the United States received a call from his father’s mistress, Bai Ju, informing him that his father, Yang qingshan, was seriously ill and told him to return home soon. When Yang Xiaoyong’s mother died, Yang Qingshan sold his property and left Shanghai with all the money he had, returning to the northeast where he had worked as a young man, and stayed together with Bai Ju. The incident has long rankled Yang and chilled the relationship between his father and son. After seeing Bai Ju in the northeast, Yang let off his anger on the woman who had destroyed his family. But Bai Ju gave him a book, named Brave,from which he could learn about his father. With the book’s content and seeing the vast northeast snow plains, an icy past begins to crack. Memory and reality interweave the complicated relationship between people’s fates and the times.