Wrapped in the Flag


Joe Poon | United States | 00:38:07 | 2022

Handheld camcorder footage meant to be right place, right time style of documentary recording that represents a sort of public consciousness or a soundtrack to the American experience of being “wrapped in the flag”. Footage and ambient sounds (oftentimes sourced from historic reenactment and public assembly events) have been culled from Times Square, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas casinos, running marathons, outdoor dance events, extraterrestrial highway ghost ride dashcam footage, urban street sounds, weddings, Thanksgiving day parades, Lake Michigan sunset, museum interiors, Grand Central Station, South Carolina aquarium, bluegrass festival jams, and live BLM protests in the past five years. The soundscape of this video poem questions the reality of our experiences, blending memory and perceptual experiences, and extrapolating how live music and public performance can evoke feelings of patriotism and belonging.

Joe Poon

Joe Poon