Pablo Fuentes Fernández | Spain | 2018 | 16:00
Spanish with English Subtitles

In the midst of a desolate field and without any trace of humanity, Andrea wakes up startled to hear a cannon shot. He does not remember how he got there. Even having walked several kilometers, the landscape is equally empty. But everything will change at the moment when, desperate, Andrea will let out a loud scream. Once he opens his eyes he will realize that at that moment he is in an infinite forest of tall trees. Andrea will have to find answers to her questions and find out what is the reason for being there. But it will not always be so easy. Andrea always has the feeling that someone is watching him wherever he goes.

Gonzalo Seijas
Sergio Colón
Jon Molinos
Adrián Porto

Pablo Fuentes Fernández

Pablo Fuentes Fernández