Documentary Short

A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record. Such films were originally shot on film stock—the only medium available—but now include video and digital productions that can be either direct-to-video, made into a TV show or released for screening in cinemas. “Documentary” has been described as a “filmmaking practice, a cinematic tradition, and mode of audience reception” that is continually evolving and is without clear boundaries.

U.S. and foreign films

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Sharecare Windows takes you on a four-minute journey to some of the planet’s most spectacular glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, rivers and waterways. Destinations include, Iceland, Igauzu Falls Brazil, Atchafalaya Basin Louisiana, Lake Tahoe California, Black Canyon of the Gunnison Colorado, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Music score “Reminiscence” by Wieland Reisssmann and Peter Simmer.


Exploring the controversial opinions that surround the world’s fastest growing cosmetic procedure, VULVA challenges ideas of choice, beauty and normality in the modern Western world.

The Public Girls’ Band

“Si Sol Mi” refers to funerary marching bands that play predominantly brass instruments to accompany the deceased before their final ascension to the afterlife. The Public Girls’ Band is based in Caotun Township, Nantou County and has been playing at funerals for 35 years. This film witnesses the transformation of Si Sol Mi, and records… Read more »

The End Of The War

A mixed media portrait of a man’s lifelong and successful battle with war related PTSD

Monday Night Scandals

Scandals Saloon is a Country/Western Gay bar in Wilton Manors, FL, city with the second highest LGBTQ population in the USA. Every Monday night they host a Drag Queen show called ‘Stilettos’ on the main dance floor, at the same time as a Cigar Smokers Social in the patio. ‘Monday Night Scandals’ seeks to document… Read more »

I Love Life

I LOVE LIFE – a courageous attempt to depict the life of a woman affected by breast cancer with all the consequences, during illness and after. The indestructible will to live, at all costs and at the same time the willingness to help other women – this is the most important weapon that the heroine,… Read more »

Everything About Florin Dobre, With A Few Exceptions

Personal transformation leaves invisible traces if is not followed by others.

Juneteenth: A Letter From Roma Texas

Nick Taylor | United States | 2018 | 6:45 Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of slaves residing in Texas. The date is important because African Americans residing in Texas were emancipated a full 2 years after the Civil Wars conclusion. In that 2 year window, African American troops (known at the time as, United States Colored… Read more »

Finding Peace

United States | 2019 | 15:00 Website A story about a childhood filled with abuse, neglect, sexual assault and living with a mother that was paranoid schizophrenic Cast Maylo Epperson Producer Dena Hildebrand

Becoming Beautiful: Ballroom Dance In The American Heartland

Joanna Bosse | United States | 2017 | 18:49 A documentary film about the transformative power of dance in the lives of average, everyday midwestern Americans. Writer Joanna Bosse