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A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record. Such films were originally shot on film stock—the only medium available—but now include video and digital productions that can be either direct-to-video, made into a TV show or released for screening in cinemas. “Documentary” has been described as a “filmmaking practice, a cinematic tradition, and mode of audience reception” that is continually evolving and is without clear boundaries.

U.S. and foreign films

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Nordurland is a film about going surfing in the harsh, cold waters of the North Atlantic. It follows three friends from the subtropical northern rivers of NSW Australia, surfers Torren Martyn and Laurie Towner, as well as needessentials founder and designer Ryan Scanlon. They travel to isolated, snow covered coastlines in search of remote waves… Read more »

I See You

This documentary is about the daily life of Tibetan,Their devotion and persistence for faith,Their innocence and kindness,hope to Restore a real Tibet.

I Am Loved

Journey through the lives of seven friends, each with their own unique, triumphant journey of overcoming fear and watch as they relive the circumstances that transformed their lives forever.

“Undeniable” The Tray Chaney Story

This is a riveting story about a young man’s destined to succeed in the entertainment industry, but the success came at an early age and at a huge cost. However, the rebounding proved more difficult than imagined. This story told by Tray Chaney himself, along with several major names in the film and music industry…. Read more »

How Was it for You?

Sophia has never had an orgasm. Ina fakes them, while Idun plainly states that she doesn´t come. Meet three women with very different stories, but who all have something to say about the unavoidable question: “How was it for you?”

Four Families in Mafraq

Having safely reached the Jordanian city of Mafraq, four Syrian refugee families struggle to live normal lives in the face of war, suffering, and loss.

Deep In The Mountain

The main content of the film is the Tujia original ecology music culture in western Hubei. Through various aspects of Tujia traditional culture, the paper presents the influence of traditional culture on Tujia people’s life in aspects of ritual and ethics.It displays the folk tradition music and a series of elements related to folk custom… Read more »

Douglas Cardinal – Architect of the Future

The biographical film of the acclaimed architect and the Indigenous knowledge system he pays tribute to an Anishinaabe raised in Blackfoot territory, architect Douglas Cardinal’s curvilinear vision has produced instantly-recognizable monuments to Indigenous culture in the national capitals of both Canada and the United States. The film reveals how his Anishinaabe culture and Indigenous worldview… Read more »

Âsônamâtowin – a Sharing of Indigenous Knowledge

Until the 1950’s Canada’s Indian Act made it illegal to practice Indigenous spiritual ceremonies. Witness the return to spiritual traditions and the Elders who are sharing what was once hidden knowledge. Filmed in the fields and forests of First Nations lands across western Canada, ‘Âsônamâtowin a Sharing of Indigenous Knowledge’ was envisioned and directed by… Read more »