Experimental cinema or avant-garde cinema is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.

U.S. and foreign films

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The Fox

A boy and a girl who had an affair in school reunite via social media after more than a decade. Things are not the same as they were once. Both are married and almost strangers. They meet to create some magical moments but as they say. IT NEVER HAPPENS THE WAY WE WANT THINGS TO… Read more »

That Ginger Tea

Yash (age: 35) his mother has succumbed to cancer and has expired the previous night – two of his friends (Vicky & Sameer) have come to console him… but they are shocked to see Yash’s behavior… he is behaving as if nothing serious has happened, and in fact he is joking and seems to enjoy… Read more »

Nostalgia For Existing Without Delay

‘..for filmmaker Slawomir Milewski, the ultimate transgression is not living life to the fullest; refusing to embrace life and instead, travailing in a grey, dull space void of joy. Inspired by French intellectual and mystic, Polish filmmaker Slawomir Milewski explores the issue of transgression in his first feature length film entitled Nostalgia For Existing Without… Read more »

You’re Going To Ruin His Life

Inspired by true stories of Sexual Assault Survivors.

Wonderland After Darkness

A true personal story of hope, starring Maggie Wong, a Hong Kong based Make-Up Artist, who’s life came to a hold when she got hit by a car and wasn’t able to move for one year. During that moment of unconsciousness after being hit by the car, Maggie had a spiritual experience, which changed her… Read more »

Vero Beach

An older woman comes to the beach to try and figure things out. Warning; sex, drugs and existential angst.

The Commercial Break

This works attempts to answer a question ‘How does prostitution of art look like in the age of emancipated and positivist societies?’ It’s concerned with the dynamic between art (Philip Glass’ piece in that case) and commodity (an ad)

The Alchemist

Alchemist tries to create the Philosopher’s Stone, a substance that turns any object into gold.

SOS Poseidon

An environmental short film depicting the devastations caused to our oceans and Seas told from the eyes of the Greek God Poseidon. When it comes to our planet and our journey to the future, hope and endeavor to survive is everything for all its species in any form of life, and with that comes the… Read more »


Fugue is a fictional narrative film, in the style of a dream-like documentary. It tells us about the life and thoughts of an artist, Dlanor Sebroff, who awoke one morning in his early career with an outstanding idea for a painting. Regrettably, as the day progressed, his great idea gradually faded and disappeared. Fugue contemplates… Read more »