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Prano Bailey-Bond | United Kingdom | 2015 | 15 m Facebook | Twitter It’s 1982. Twelve-year-old Doug is drawn into the lurid world of VHS horror as he explores the mysterious disappearance of his father. Cast Albie Marber Madeleine Hutchins James Cutler


Marielle V Jakobsons | United States | 2015 | 15 m Facebook | Twitter Recognition for Prepared Piano, Sine Waves, and Macro-Cymatic Instrument There is a connection between the surface of our skin and water in the cells of our bodies, and it is vibrating. “Recognition” invites you to experience a unified scale of sensation,… Read more »

Monday’s Child

Arden Teresa Lewis | United States | 2016 | 5 m Facebook | Twitter An elderly woman finds a dead body on her way home from the grocery store. She is confused by it’s gender. As she waits for 911 to send help, she communes with the imagined spirits of both possible genders of this now lost… Read more »

Six Pack & Crack

Rita-Marie Lawlor | Ireland | 2016 | 17 m Facebook Shane is just 16 and has a huge responsibility to carry. His mother Val works in the local shop but is also dealing with alcohol and drug addiction in its early stages, which is fast becoming out of control with her violent partner Joe, and… Read more »

The King and the Crown

Charlotte Neuwels | United States | 2016 | 1 m The premise of this film was inspired by the book “The Libertine”. Symbolizes the paradox between men vs. power, light vs. dark, nature vs. order. The King and the crown is a confession of the human soul. Viewing Instructions


Margie Kelk | Canada | 2015 | 4:37 Substratae provides the audience a glimpse of mythical lives glowing, under the eternal flux, with energies hidden deep within the earth. There is a mystery here, and a sense of the otherworldly tempered with a dash of humor. A colourful array of characters interacts with metaphorical electronic components to… Read more »


Valeria Buzdygar | Israel | 2016 | 15 m Personal experience translated to the metaphoric form about losing happiness and coming up to search for it again. The film is silent (only music) and experimental. Cast Valeria Buzdygar

Let’s Talk About It!

Deepti Ghatge | United Kingdom | 2014 | 6 m The city is reeling under the strains of a struggling economy. An emergency meeting has been called between the major four services of London in order to decide which one receives the quarterly budgetary allocation. Starting out as it means to go on, the meeting… Read more »

Love Somehow

Kate Cheeseman | United Kingdom | 2016 | 30 m Twitter “Genius is a terrible thing.” A finalist for best short at the forthcoming Crystal Palace International Shorts Festival, Love Somehow is the story of Caitlin Thomas. She was a dancer, writer and the woman behind the famous/infamous and brilliant Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. She partied… Read more »

Mary Boyle: The Untold Story

Gemma O’Doherty | Ireland | 2016 | 1 h 23 m Mary Boyle is Ireland’s youngest missing person. She was six when she vanished on her grandparents’ remote farm in March 1977 after going for a walk with her uncle. The Irish police and media have always maintained she was taken by a stranger but her… Read more »