A film genre seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on the audience’s primal fears. Horror films often deal with viewers’ nightmares, fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown. Plots within the horror genre often involve the intrusion of an evil force, event, or personage into the everyday world. Prevalent elements include ghosts, extraterrestrials, vampires, werewolves, demons, gore, torture, vicious animals, evil witches, monsters, zombies, cannibals, psychopaths, and serial killers.

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Mister Creep

Isaac Rodriguez | United States | 01:06:28 | 2022 English Three college students stumble upon a secret television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location. Cast Amber Solis Shaela Payne Ali AlKhafaji Brian Anderson Judy McMillan Marvin Ritchie Thomas Burke Writer Isaac Rodriguez Producer Cynthia Bergen Editor Isaac Rodriguez Sound Operator… Read more »


Joe Lueben | United States | 00:12:00 | 2022 A mysterious woman appears at a young father’s home seeking recompense for a long-buried transgression. But she doesn’t want money—she wants one of his fingers Cast Gates McFadden Writer Joe Lueben Producers Riley Rose Critchlow Adam Joseph Janeira Director of Photography Trevor Tweeten

The Hooded Man

Graham Thomas | United Kingdom | 00:11:32 | 2022 English Carly is terrorized by a hooded demonic man. She keeps seeing visions of hell and turns to her therapist for help. But the Hooded Man continues to terrorize until he comes for her. That’s when she realizes she is a demon who has transgressed the… Read more »

The Christening

Molly Scotti | United States | 00:10:48 | 2022 English Ruth, a televangelist-obsessed little girl, grows increasingly nightmarish as her religious fervor turns violent. Cast Alanis Nacarato Kay Perkins Writer Molly Scotti Producers Belle Brown Sophie Griffin

The absolute true truth

Hugues Willy Krebs | France | 00:06:55 | 2022 French Two hikers discover a strange portal at the top of a cliff, and they decide to enter… Cast Angélique Hivert Aurélia Frachon Writer Hugues Willy Krebs Producer Hugues Willy Krebs

The Terrible Old Woman

Troy Wayne Fortenberry | United States | 00:19:08 | 2022 English In this modern adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic story, The Terrible Old Man, a trio of would-be burglars target an ancient reclusive lady at her run down house on the outskirts of town, drawn in by rumor of her hoarded wealth. Predator becomes prey… Read more »

The Man With The Cough

Alex George | United States | 00:27:19 | 2022 English A thematic satire on the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and told in a Twilight Zone narrative style, “The Man With The Cough” tells the story of a hypochondriac man who has a series of premonitions of illness and death that cause him to experience… Read more »


Nate Carroll | United States | 00:01:00 | 2022 English “They say 8% of folks have a fear of clowns and the other 92% are lying!” A solo project shot, edited, and acted in by Nate Carroll for Vancouver Film School’s ‘Intro to Cinematography’ final assignment taught by DoP Thomas Burstyn (Netflix Cowboy BeBop, TNT… Read more »


Robert Greenwald | United States | 00:11:14 | 2022 English A modern surreal horror tragedy that follows JJ, a college-age male, who becomes unfaithful to his girlfriend, and is haunted by his guilt until he can redeem himself. You never know what you really have until you lose it. Cast Mark McNeil II Sara Al-Bazali… Read more »

Out There

Adam Michael | United States | 00:10:53 | 2022 English Willow is convinced there is something in her backyard. Henry thinks his wife is losing it. They go out to investigate and what they find is beyond anything they could have imagined. Cast Leah Harper Matt Zaleski Writer Adam Michael Producer Adam Michael Director of… Read more »