lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender-related films. Films that deal with or feature significant LGBT characters or issues, and may have same-sex romance or relationships as an important plot device.

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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João Dall’Stella | United States | 00:03:10 | 2020 English Jonathan goes to the restroom in the middle of an opera performance. He has a very specific mission. He takes off his marriage ring and opens the secret golden glory hole hidden inside one of the stalls. Now, he waits for someone to come in… Read more »

The Breath of Celia

In the labyrinth of love a game of contradictions takes place: two women fight a duel with their feelings; one is reason and the other is the heart… but the labyrinth proliferates until it culminates in the ritual of disorderly blood and overexcited viscera..

Loving Martin

Based on a true story. Erik is an easy-going, middle-age gay male who has everything. Martin, a young, feisty gay male is trying to find his way in life. They’re total opposites whose love holds them together through the rough times. How far is Martin willing to go to test Erik’s love and how much… Read more »


Conservative Robyn is captivated by her outspoken, rebellious classmate Isabella at an all girls school. When an unexpected bond forms between them Robyn is forced to face her repressed sexuality.


In a complex tale of interweaving relationships, a Greek gay immigrant in London explores the meaning of what it is to love and heal. Poised follows the story of Aris, an Occupational Therapist who carries the weight of a previous relationship gone wrong. Yet, a chance encounter with Richard seems to allow him the chance… Read more »

Dear Bayo

An early 20s, youth corper raised by his fish-seller single mother, armed with nothing more than words of wisdom and meditations of prayers from his mother, sets out on his compulsory NYSC program, with big dreams, great potential and a bright outlook for the future! Bayo meets Ebipade, a 20 year old girl from a… Read more »

No Strings Attached

Victor Soares | United States | 2019 | 6:39 Website | Facebook A man has problems attaching emotionally with people and that tales a dark turn in his life. Cast Anthony Moore Rafael Paiva Gabriella Spaciari Writer Victor Soares Anthony Moore Rafael Paiva Producer Anthony Moore Rafael Paiva Victor Soares


Sreehari Purimetla, Adithya Joshi | India | 2018 | 14:56 Hindi with English Subtitles Website | Facebook A young married mute girl who undergoes domestic violence by her husband and mother everyday. She takes a crucial decision of her life to live with her loved ones. Cast Sanya Bhansal Writer Sreehari Purimetla Producer Sreehari Purimetla


Panya Zhu | Thailand | 2019 | 10:52 Thai with English Subtitles Facebook Aim, a writer who still stuck with the past reunite with her estranged ex-lover whose relationship fell apart because of stigma towards homosexuals. Cast Nessara Jumnong Kamonchanok Srisawangdej Writer Panya Zhu Producer Panya Zhu

Rainbow Mothers

Elle Luan | China | 2019 | 29:40 Chinese, English with English Subtitles Sesame and Bean, a Chinese lesbian couple, had to travel thousands of miles away from home to get married and again to get pregnant because both are illegal for same-sex couples in their own country. Now as wife and wife, mama and… Read more »