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A music video or song video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings. There are also cases where songs are used in tie in marketing campaigns that allow them to become more than just a song. Tie ins and merchandising could be used in toys or marketing campaigns for food and other products. Although the origins of music videos date back to musical short films that first appeared in the 1920s, they came into prominence in the 1980s when MTV based their format around the medium. Prior to the 1980s, these works were described by various terms including “illustrated song”, “filmed insert”, “promotional (promo) film”, “promotional clip”, “promotional video”, “song video”, “song clip” or “film clip”. Since the creation and increased popularity of YouTube, mainstream artists now promote new music videos by releasing trailers of short promos on the site for their upcoming song and music video. Consequently, YouTube has been converted into a social media platform for celebrities and artists to market themselves to their fans and audiences.

Music videos use a wide range of styles of contemporary video making techniques, including animation, live action filming, documentaries, and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film. Some music videos blend different styles, such as animation, music, and live action. Combining these styles and techniques has become more popular because of the variation it resent to the audience. Many music videos interpret images and scenes from the song’s lyrics, while others take a more thematic approach. Other music videos may be without a set concept, being merely a filmed version of the song’s live performance.[2] Music videos have also become a place where product placement is evident in almost every mainstream video. They are always parent and it usually takes place because the artist is sponsoring a product or brand. An example of product placement is the Beats Pill being featured in numerous hip hop videos. The strong emphasis on product placement is something that has evolved because of the global scale music videos can reach because of websites such as YouTube.

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Daniel Wyland | United States | 5:15 Website | Facebook A music video created by Daniel Wyland (director/cinematogrpher) for the music band CHESHI / Sentimental. Writer Ashli Cheshire Producer Daniel Wyland

Cosmic Sugar

Billy Judge Baldus | United States | 2017 | 4:37 Website | Facebook | Twitter A group of hikers enjoying the fresh air of the Wisconsin Northwoods settle in for an evening of campfire sing-alongs. Using advanced technology, the Prunites, from the mysterious purple planet Prunus, travel a great distance across the galaxy to planet… Read more »

Armchair Dreaming

Gilbert Trejo, Frankie Latina | United States | 2017 | 4:28 Website | Facebook This is the 2nd music video from musician Angie Shyr’s Jackie Highway mobius-strip writing project. It is an illuminated snowglobe of wonder emerging from the beauty and harmony of our hopes & dreams come to life. Cast Angie Shyr Writer Angie… Read more »

Anti-Social Butterfly

Sami Chohfi, Asher Vast, Kevin Preston | United States | 2018 | 4:34 Website | Facebook | Twitter What pairs better with immense and passionate rock than an immense and passionate video? If you’re watching the clip for Blue Helix’s “Anti-Social Butterfly”, you’ll probably agree that you’d be hard-pressed to find anything more suited. The… Read more »


Gwen Francois | Luxembourg | 2017 | 6:48 Website | Facebook In the mid sixties, a beautiful lady invites men in her stylish apartment. Her actions are spied by a man in black. Cast Sophie Mousel Gabriel Boisante Writer Gwen Francois Producer Gwen Francois


Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx | Réunion | 2017 | 4:10 This animation made of 2500 paintings tells the story of a man who tries to run away from his fate. He is seeking for success, fame, happiness and love… But the city is too strong and he can’t win. Sadly, he becomes a powerless witness of his… Read more »

One Night

Elise Tandé | Spain | 2018 | 3:46 Through music, a girl tries to disconnect from the technology which most of us depend on daily, her smartphone.

Sting of the Cactus

Bekky O’Neil | Canada | 2017 | 2:41 Website | Facebook | Twitter In this fun-filled slice of musical life, stop-motion animator and cartoonist Bekky O’Neil captures singer-songwriter’s Ori Dagan’s journey in jazz, from the streets of Toronto to the world stage. Writer Ori Dagan Nathan Hiltz Producer Leonardo Dell’Anno

Jessica Meuse – Love Her Better

Jim Ervin | United States | 2017 | 3:33 Website | Facebook | Twitter New music video from American Idol Top 4 Finalist Jessica Meuse’s forthcoming album release. The video debuted as part of Children Cancer Association’s Bedstock Festival. Cast Jessica Meuse Writer Jessica Meuse Producer Jim Ervin

Chase Me

Timothy Tse |United States | 2018 | 4:32 Website | Facebook | Twitter A woman reminisces about love Cast Candace Bellamy Courtney Holland Paul Michael Bloodglood Todd Wilson Producer Elias Posada