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Attached At The Soul

William Leon | United States | 2016 | 11 m 6 s Facebook | Twitter Donald Kline struggles with having to leave his wife Margie’s death bed in order to attend a ceremony where he and his wife will be honored for their life time achievements, which include promoting diversity, equal rights, and acceptance. Donald’s… Read more »

Another Christmas Gone

Clémence Amiot | France | 2014 | 6 m 49 s French with English Subtitles Facebook | Twitter Max is a very closed-up person. He wakes up on Christmas morning, goes back to his house after the day and check out his mail. He received an envelope with his name marked on it. He opens… Read more »


Louis Kelly | United Kingdom | 2015 | 14:14 When an isolated, lonely teenager is bullied at school and misunderstood at home, his only place of refuge is the untamed wilderness of Hounslow Heath. Until an unexpected meeting with a mysterious girl changes everything. But is this new friend everything she seems? Cast Jack Takeda… Read more »